Friday, 18 January 2013

Long time no see...

Happy Belated New Year!

I had the most unusual start to the new year but if you can't go into 2013 with a bang then why bother at all ey? I thought I'd take this opportunity to converse with whom ever this may apply as to what I've been up to and what my arrangements are for the rest of January. 

My past/present

  • doing dreadfully at school and think I'm getting kicked out next week 
  • also may be getting kicked out of my house but that's yet to be confirmed
  • have put on at least a stone since the new year and haven't yet managed to shed it. 
  • already blown my New Years resolutions of quitting smoking and drinking less, but will persevere with good intentions and determination


  • I'm about to turn 18! venturing into adulthood I thought would be life changing but in fact has lapsed into mediocrity and disappointment. What a shame. 
  • I'm going to lose some serious weight! (Sounding like a right Bridget Jones)
  • Have come to the conclusion that I am to make a diary and stop feeling sorry myself (Again with the Ms Jones)
  • Decided to fill my life with spontaneity 
  • Will start setting money aside for a trip to NY with my beloved mother as we miss both our friends, family and the food! (not to mention the atmosphere that is second to none) 

I hope you felt that reading this was a worthy three minutes spent of your life and if not, it's your fault not mine, HA. 
Until next time, here's a picture of a dog with a tambourine.

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