Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Question; Why do people (I) pretend to be something I'm not?

This all comes from my recent experiences. No, in fact, lets go back even further. I was brought up in a pretty normal family. Both my parents have good stable jobs and provided a stable, loving and generous foundation to raise me in. By anyone's standards we are not rich. Far from it. But we get by and it just so happens we have family and friends who are. However, me growing up as the middle class only child that I am meant I watched my peers have quite a privileged upbringing. Fast forward to 2014 I admittedly have become spoilt, begging my parents for countless "necessities" in order to fit in. And now I face quite the predicament. What is it??? I hear you cry. Well, I think I'm wealthier than I am. I'm trying to, for all intensive purposes, "keep up with the Joneses". The consequences are dyer. I have a weekend job, blow all my money like I'm Rick Ross then proceed to be broke and in debt to my pissed off parents.
 So as I go forth further out of my depth, I'm slowly coming to the realisation that I'm doing it all wrong. I'm not rich, didn't to Cheltenham ladies college or Harrow, and I'm not the heir to my grandparents fortune. Nor am I in "Made in Chelsea", won the lottery and more importantly I'm not the person I'm trying so hard to be!
 Who am I trying to impress? Or kid for that matter? If it's my friends then that's sad. If it's complete strangers that's worse. Why do I believe that materialism and indulging in vast quantities of gluttony and the inevitable self loathing after is going to benefit me in the long run? Of course it's good to have standards and think of oneself on a higher level but if it's all for the short term and for show, you have nothing. And I'm not the only one who liaises with the jaded idea that the mulberry purse and £24 cocktail will lead to a glamorous and fulfilled life. Or, conversely the equally ludicrous notion of YOLO. But unless you're content with ending up on the street at age 24 because your parents and university have had enough of your shit-storm of a start to adulthood then I'd pipe the fuck down and start doing things properly. So that's my intention. It may be hard as I am possibly the laziest person to have existed, but I'll do my best. And just stop being something I'm not and find out who I really am.
 So peace out homies and if any of you are like me, let's get this shit together.

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